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Real Steel Movie Toys Wave 2

Robot action figure toys and movie collectables

Wave 2

Series 2 of Real Steel movie action figure toys for role playing games in the WRB Main Event boxing arena playset. Collectors also love these detailed, posable figures to keep in their collection at home or the office.

Real Steel Action Figure Toys

Real Steel Basic Figures are 5 inch tall toy robot characters with chest armor that lights-up when you press on top of the head. QuickSwitch Technology makes it easy to mix and match arms and legs from all ten basic robots to create the ideal boxer.

See the robots in Real Steel Toys Wave 1 with five different Basic Figures and four Deluxe 8" action figures.

Auction bargains - Buy Real Steel robots in sets

Buy Wave 2 robots in a set of five for the best deal. Click-through the links below to find offers with free shipping for Real Steel toys Series 2

Metro action figure toy
Real Steel Wave 2

Real Steel Figure Wave 2 Ambush

Real Steel Battle Champions robot games
Review playsets and role playing games based on the popular sci-fi action movie Real Steel starring Hugh Jackman. Play with action figures in 2 different types of boxing rings, or build your own robot...

Junkyard Atom V2
Real Steel Toys Series 2

Full-articulating action figure toy characters with perfect
styling and details that look just like the movie robots.

Six Shooter - Basic Figure
Real Steel Robots Wave 2

Compare all three Real Steel video bundles

The Real Steel Video 3-Disc Combo has exclusive Blu-ray features and a streaming digital copy for your iPad computer, android tablet or smartphone. The 2-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo has more bonus material, and save with the 1-disc version. Stream the movie from the cloud at Amazon Instant Videos.

Real Steel movie and classic science fiction robots
While other recent science fiction movies feature cyborgs (Iron Man) and computer software (Tron Legacy), Real Steel is a story about true robot automatons. Androids that have evolved from early prototypes in the science fiction movies...

Zeus (Battle Damaged Version)
Real Steel Figure Wave 2

Real Steel Robots Wave 2

Who's your favorite robot in the second Wave 2?

  • Junkyard Atom
  • Ambush
  • Six Shooter
  • Metro
  • Zeus
See results without voting

Real Steel Robot Toys
Two Waves of outstanding Real Steel robot toys created for this sci-fi action film. Find the best deals online for Deluxe and Basic action figure toys. 4 Deluxe Figures in the first wave come with a "signature move"...

 Last updated on July 25, 2014

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Can't wait for the sequel? - Who will be the new champion of World Robot Boxing? 5 comments

anonymous 2 years ago

great lens, my boys are going to like these for Christmas this year!

anonymous 2 years ago

Really, I do know who will be the new champion of World Robot Boxing but I'm keeping that Real Steel secret under my hat...caught in Wave 2 and so will many others as they search out their favorite movie toy action figures!

anonymous 2 years ago

...and blessed...

HappyTom LM profile image

HappyTom LM 13 months ago

I love the movie and the figures looks just great! I want to be a child again to play with them.... so nice! thank you for sharing, for me it was a joy reading it...

dotpattern profile image

dotpattern 13 months ago from West Village, New York City Hub Author

@HappyTom LM: There are plenty of big kids that play with toy figures, too. Thanks for the compliment. Now if they will just get around to making the sequel ...

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